This lavish, fertile prairie is the ideal grazing ground for herds of sheep.

– Description

Woolruft Plains is a location in the Southern Prairie of the Meridian continent. It is suitable for levels 11 to 20.

Places of InterestEdit

Vagabond's HavenEdit

The Vagabond's Haven is a small camp surrounded by massive Baobab-like trees, and is the primary settlement of the Woolruft Plains map. Many of its residents base their livelihoods on the sheep that saunter in the verdant pastures that surround the camp.

Bloodbat BarracksEdit

The Bloodbats aren't literally blood bats, but are a group of thieves and bandits who call themselves so. With guard towers, natural barriers, and choke points, the Bloodbat Barracks are well-guarded. One would be very foolish or very courageous to single-handedly attack this camp.

Atelier AireEdit

The Atelier ~Aire~, or the Air Workshop, is an area in which technicians, engineers, and artisans design airships. It directly borders the Bloodbat Barracks, and is vulnerable to harassment and pilferage.

Woolruft TempleEdit

Main article: Woolruft Temple

The Woolruft Temple is a dungeon in the northeastern part of the Woolruft Plains. What appears to be a hole in the ground is actually a well-lit and lush cave, full of magic and unfavorable monsters. Do you dare to challenge the creatures within?

The Woolruft Temple is accessible at level 18 for normal modes, or level 48 for Metarealm modes.


Name Coordinates
Icon-Merchant NPC Grocer Gina (X: 889, Y: 643)
Icon-Weapon NPC Weapon Merchant Rogash (X: 869, Y: 579)
Icon-Armor NPC Armor Merchant Pemberly (X: 817, Y: 586)
Icon-Bank NPC Bank Teller Ray (X: 915, Y: 628)
Icon-Furval NPC Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 919, Y: 564)
Icon-Bounty NPC Bounty Manager Zack (X: 912, Y:590)
Icon-Merchant NPC Traveling Merchant (X: 786, Y: 865)
Icon-Merchant NPC Adventurers' Alliance Rep. Kilmaris (X: 947, Y: 1006)
Icon-Merchant NPC Bounty Agent Riza (X: 941, Y: 1000)






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