The community policies outline the rules and regulations of the wiki to ensure a formal and professional database while providing a safe environment for the users and readers. All users, regardless of user rights, must abide to these policies; failure to adhere may result in a temporary or indefinite suspension.

These community policies are applied to the entirety of the wiki. Administrators can edit these policies under their discretion.


Assume good faith
Keep an assumption that edits are under good faith, unless of obvious evidence to the contrary (e.g.: vandalism, trolling). Explain and resolve any conflict rather than escalating the issue and reach for consensus when necessary. Legitimate information that does not adhere to the standards should not be classified as spam or vandalism but should be improved instead of reverting.
Keep discussions civilized
We are a mature audience and shall handle all discussions and criticism maturely. Childish or immature discussions - such as but not limited to harassment, trolling, spamming, or vandalizing - are not permitted. Remain in a positive, calm manner. If you have problems with a user, please report to an active administrator.
Vandalism and other forms of detrimental edits are prohibited
Any form of edits that harm the wiki and/or its users are prohibited. Such detrimental edits include but not limited to: spamming, vandalizing, removing legitimate content (or page-blanking a valid article), adding inappropriate content/files, or using profane language.
Refrain from trolling
Trolling is the attempt to cause harm by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an effort of upsetting users. Trolling is grounds for an immediate block.
Illicit advertisement is not allowed
Advertising to websites that are not authorized by wiki staff is forbidden. Citation or referencing is permitted under the assumption that such content is not malicious and must pertain to Twin Saga.
You must abide to Fandom Terms of Use
All users must follow Fandom's Terms of Use. You also agree not to register an account if you are under the age of 13, also following the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
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