Twin Saga

Alternative Names

Astral Realm (TW/HK/Thai)
Astral Tale (JP)
AstrA (KR)


X-Legend Entertainment


Tw X-Legend Entertainment
HK Alta Multimedia
KR X-Legend Entertainment Korea
JP X-Legend Entertainment Japan
TH Winner Online
US Fr De Aeria Games




Microsoft Windows

Release Dates

Tw June 11, 2015
HK June 24, 2015
KR October 8, 2015
JP November 17, 2015
TH March 10, 2016
US Fr De August 2016



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Twin Saga, also known as Astral Realm, Astral Tale, or AstrA in other versions, is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by X-Legend Entertainment and published by Aeria Games for western audiences.[1]


In the beginning, the Maker created the world. He chose the most brilliant, dazzling star... and called it "Aetherion." A beautiful name for a beautiful creation. Calling upon the power of his Celestial Scale, the Maker then brought forth two goddesses. He entrusted the twins with the Calendar of Creation... within which was written the very fate of the world itself.

As foretold, the land came to flourish with life. Its people lived happily amongst the blessings that they were given, content with their place and purpose in the world. But after tens of thousands of years had passed... the Calendar of Creation approached its final page. The world needed a new calendar to govern its people, but the two goddesses could not agree upon its terms. Debate led to quarrel, and quarrel led to violence.

The disparity grew and grew until finally... it culminated in war. In the midst of the fighting, one of the goddesses used her knowledge of the Celestial Scale's whereabouts to destroy the scale's balance and, with it, the very source of their power.

Her twin sister, helpless to retaliate, used the last of her power to set free the Senshi, the faithful companions who had served her so well. Her final task complete, the goddess, now drained of energy, fell to the world's surface, miles and miles below... where her fate would ultimately lie in mortal hands...[2]


Twin Saga is an action-packed anime MMORPG, set in the world of Aetherion on the continent of Meridia. Twin Saga features a unique class system in which players can freely change to any available classes at will.[3] As the player advances throughout the game, new classes can be unlocked. The player is accompanied by Senshi, beings who served Marisa before being set free.

The Terracottage is the player's house, capable of traveling around the Meridian continent. Within the terracottage, players can perform various tasks such as decorate the main hall, grow crops in the greenhouse, or increase their profession skills in the workshop.[4]


Main article: Category:Classes

Twin Saga provides a number of classes to unlock, each with different skill sets and styles of combat.


Classes currently only available in other versions.


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