These titles are ordered in accordance to in-game order's category.



Title Stat bonus Achievement/Quest
Helpful Lv4. Cheque into Cash
Clumsy Lv6. Laugh at Pie, Cry in Pie
Caring Lv8. Catch You, Catch Me


Title Stat bonus Achievement/Quest
Mercenary Lv1. No Rest for the Wicked
Beginner Lv2. It's Not Easy Being Green
Harbinger Lv3. Hellooooo, Nurse!
Sanctopolis Messenger Raywing Harbor Conqueror
Woolruft Adventurer Woolruft Plains Conqueror
Arcadian Knight Vitreus Mines Conqueror
Bluemoon Protector Bluemoon Grove Conqueror
Shaman Maplewood Glen Conqueror
Excavator Arrakin Desert Conqueror
??? Jungle Mortalis Conqueror
??? Lost Metropolis Conqueror