These titles are ordered in accordance to in-game order's category.



Title Stat bonus Achievement/Quest
Two-Handed ATK +8 Journeyman Swordmaster
Sharp ATK +8 Journeyman Gunslinger
Mystic ATK +8 Journeyman Occultist
Hammer-Handed ATK +8 Journeyman Berserker
Eagle-Eyed ATK +8 Journeyman Hunter
Divine ATK +8 Journeyman Cleric
Selfless ATK +8 Journeyman Paladin
Cunning ATK +8 Journeyman Rogue
Conjuring ATK +8 Journeyman Mage
Elusive ATK +8 Journeyman Dragonknight


Title Stat bonus Achievement/Quest
N00b Max HP +40 Learning the Ropes
Casual Gamer ATK +8 Making Your Mark
Power Gamer Max HP +40 Mastering the Craft
Swordmaster Max HP +40 Apprentice Swordmaster
Greatsword Master Max HP +40 Expert Swordmaster
Gunslinger Max HP +40 Apprentice Gunslinger
Gunblade Master Max HP +40 Expert Gunslinger
Occultist Max HP +40 Apprentice Occultist
Grimoire Master Max HP +40 Expert Occultist
Berserker Max HP +40 Apprentice Berserker
Juggernaut Max HP +40 Expert Berserker
Hunter Max HP +40 Apprentice Hunter
Sniper Max HP +40 Expert Hunter
Cleric Max HP +40 Apprentice Cleric
Apostle Max HP +40 Expert Cleric
Paladin Max HP +40 Apprentice Paladin
Paragon Max HP +40 Expert Paladin
Rogue Max HP +40 Apprentice Rogue
Deathbringer Max HP +40 Expert Rogue
Mage Max HP +40 Apprentice Mage
Archmage Max HP +40 Expert Mage
Explorer Welcome to Meridia!
Dragonknight Max HP +40 Apprentice Dragonknight
Dragon Lord Max HP +40 Expert Dragonknight