Titles are shown above a character's name and below the guild's name, if applicable. Titles are earned by completing achievements and come in a prefix or suffix form in which one or both can be used to define a character. Not only is it cosmetic, obtaining titles also provide additional stat bonuses.

It can be reached through the interface Character Info (C).



Example of the Title interface

In the Title interface, players can combine prefixes, suffixes and even just one of them to create unique combinations. To set a title, simply click on a title, seen under the Title List section, and click on the "Set" button above. If the player isn't satisfied with the title, the player can overwrite it by doing the same procedure. The player can also clear their title through clicking the button "Clear" beside the "Set" button.

To make it easier to see, the player can also filter the obtained from the unobtained by clicking "Show obtained titles" in the Title List section. The player can also filter through types of titles obtained, such as Terracottage specific titles, profession specific titles etc.

All received bonus stats the player has earned from titles can be seen under "Received Bonus Stats". The stats the player can earn are the following:

  • Max HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • EVA
  • Haste
  • CRIT

To learn more about the stats, refer to Stats.

List of TitlesEdit

Character GrowthEdit

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Hidden QuestsEdit

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Astral AdventuresEdit

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