As the capital city of Arcadia, this royal city is a bustling center of commerce, culture, and politics.

– Description

The Royal City of Arcadia is a location in the Southern Prairie of the Meridian continent.

Players are instructed to enter this zone at level 20.

Places of InterestEdit

Aerie LaneEdit

The Aerie Lane is a small but major residential and commercial street in the southeastern portion of Arcadia. The Aerie Lane spans from the center fountain to the top of a hill, with a merry-go-round atop the hill. A Furval Rapid Service car and airship landing area lie adjacent to the Aerie Lane.

Merchant's QuarterEdit

The Merchant's Quarter is a an area in the east side of Arcadia. Bank and auction NPCs are located here, as well as representatives from the Adventurers' Alliance.

Trade DistrictEdit

The Trade District is the primary financial area of Arcadia. Merchants of all types can be found here, selling equipment, potions, and more.

Royal CastleEdit

Main article: Conference Chamber

The Royal Castle, while not specifically marked on the map, is a landmark feature of Arcadia. To the north of the center fountain, the Conference Chamber can be accessed.


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