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A Starstone is an item used to boost one's attributes and abilities. Starstones can be made through alchemical synthesis, or obtained through monster drops and quests.

Up to 12 different Starstones can be equipped for one class, composed of 3 different shapes (Trigon, Diamond, and Orb) and 4 different colors (red, green, blue, yellow). While each class can equip their own Starstones, different classes can also share the same ones.


Starstone EvolutionEdit

Starstone Evolution

Starstones can be evolved to unlock greater star levels and receive additional bonuses. Starstone Evolution Crystals are required for evolution and can be obtained by defeating monsters. For further information about these crystals, refer to Starstone Evolution Crystal.

To evolve a Starstone, open the Starstone menu (P) and click Evolve. Select the Starstone you wish to evolve, verify that you have the appropriate materials for evolution, then confirm. Voilà!

Starstone RefinementEdit

Starstone Refinement

In addition to evolution, Starstones can also be refined using Starstone EXP. Starstone EXP is obtained through fishing or gathering, through Starstone Crystals, and through Starstone Recycling, discussed below. For further information about Starstone Crystals, refer to Starstone Crystal.

To refine a Starstone, open the Starstone menu (P) and click Refine. Select the Starstone you wish to evolve, and choose whether you would like to refine the Starstone one time, or to its maximum boost.

Starstone RecyclingEdit

Starstone recycling is an easy way of removing unneeded or unwanted Starstones from the Starstone Reservoir, while gaining Starstone EXP.

To recycle a Starstone, open the Starstone menu (P) and click Recycle. Your cursor will change, and you will be able to click Starstones to recycle. To quit recycling, press Escape, which will also close the Starstone menu, or right-click anywhere.

Beware! Confirmation requests are only prompted if the Starstone you have selected for recycling is currently equipped on another class. If a Starstone is in your Starstone Reservoir but is not equipped on any class, you will not be prompted and the Starstone will simply be recycled, should you click on it while in Recycling mode.

List of StarstonesEdit

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