Specializations are selectable paths for a class to specialize in. It can be reached by either clicking on its icon located on the bottom-right of the screen or by pressing (J).



Example of the interface

Each class has two specialization; a left and a right. The player can decide to invest Specialization Points on either the left one, the right one or both. Specialization Points are earned by leveling up the respective class' class level.

The player needs to invest a certain amount of points (often five) to invest on a higher note. For class-specific nodes, the player needs to invest a certain amount of points or more on a specific note. The skill description and arrows indicates whichever note is required.

The specializations can be reset for free if the player is under Lv40. If higher level, the player has to pay a fee in order to reset.

List of SpecializationsEdit

To view each class' specializations, please go to their respective page: