Prismatica is an aerial archipelago which consists of four floating islands and is home to a contingent of Sanctopolisians.

Sanctopolis: Prismatica is one of two Sanctopolisian maps. It is suitable for levels 58 to 62.

Places of InterestEdit

Nimbus Bluffs CheckpointEdit

The Nimbus Bluffs Checkpoint is the largest settlement in Prismatica, right by the entrance to Prismatica from Meridia. Many of its inhabitants were part of the Sapphire Army, before being expelled from Constellacia by Amaris.

Nimbus BluffsEdit

Nimbus Bluffs is one of the islands of Prismatica. Its inhabitants include crystal spiders and treants, and it connects to Ivalo Lake.

Ivalo LakeEdit

Ivalo Lake is an island connected to Nimbus Bluffs and Mistwood. Ivalo Lake itself was renowned for its healing abilities, and was thus spoiled during the war. Chinchillas, the lake's guardians, have worked tirelessly to restore the island's environment following the war.


Mistwood is an island connected to Ivalo Lake and Starcrescent Hill. It was the former home of the treants, who were expelled and sent to Nimbus Bluffs. It is said that even the most experienced adventurers may get lost here.

Camp of ExileEdit

The Camp of Exile is, quite simply, a camp of people who were exiled for supporting the Sapphire Star. According to one resident, the Ruby Army attempted to capture it, but was driven away and never bothered since.

Starcrescent HillEdit

Starcrescent Hill is an island connected to Mistwood, Camp of Exile, and Mistan Island. A necromancer has summoned the spirits of the deceased to fight once more.

Mistan BattlefieldEdit

Mistan Island is the site of a major battle in the war, now shown as Mistan Battlefield on the map. It is a vital stronghold of the Ruby Army, allowing Amaris to track the movement of people and seal the gates of Constellacia against the unwanted.


Name Coordinates
Icon-Merchant NPC Grocer Amalia (X: 1226, Y: 451)
Icon-Weapon NPC Weapon Merchant Rainier (X: 1172, Y: 456)
Icon-Armor NPC Armor Merchant Labatt (X: 1212, Y: 379)
Icon-Bank NPC Bank Teller Benedict (X: 1170, Y: 398)
Icon-Furval NPC Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 1165, Y: 453)
Icon-Bounty NPC Bounty Manager Mallomar (X: 1146, Y: 412)
Icon-Merchant NPC Traveling Merchant (X: 532, Y: 1180)
Icon-Merchant NPC Bounty Broker Claudia (X: 1210, Y: 454)





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