Constellacia was once a beautiful, prosperous city under the joint rule of the Sapphire and Ruby Stars. However, the War of the Falling Stars has changed all that, possibly beyond repair...

Sanctopolis: Constellacia is the second of the two Sanctopolisian maps. It is suitable for levels 59 to 65.

Places of InterestEdit


Startown is a safe area within Constellacia, and is where many merchants and services have gathered.

Twinstar TerraceEdit

Piazza RotundaEdit

Starlink RuinsEdit

Starlight PortEdit

Starlight Port, on the eastern end of Constellacia, is where the Ruby Star's airships are docked.

Starcrescent HillEdit

Sapphire KeepEdit

Main article: Sapphire Keep


Name Coordinates
Icon-Merchant NPC Grocer Sophie (X: 636, Y: 351)
Icon-Weapon NPC Weapon Merchant Friedrich (X: 648, Y: 326)
Icon-Armor NPC Armor Merchant Caspar (X: 703, Y: 354)
Icon-Bank NPC Bank Teller Hermann (X: 636, Y: 369)
Icon-Furval NPC Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 637, Y: 500)
Icon-Bounty NPC Bounty Manager Lumpy (X: 696, Y: 466)
Icon-Merchant NPC Traveling Merchant (X: 1066, Y: 593)
Icon-Merchant NPC Adventure Association Furcas (X: 721, Y: 1300)
Icon-Merchant NPC Bounty Broker Delphine (X: 634, Y: 364)





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