The sprightly Rita is something of an idol in Marisa's astral academy. Her mere presence is enough to entice many a wandering eye, and if she speaks? Well, let's just hope she doesn't! Upon her arrival, Rita sought out the company of various animals of dubious origins and formed her own vigilante, justice-enforcing organization.

To go along with her ragtag crew of misfits, Rita developed her own brand of martial arts—but don't let its beautiful intricacy fool you! It's as deadly as it is art. With her speed and strength, she's one kitty you don't want to be catcalling.

– Game Description


Skill Cooldown SP Cost Effect
Icon-Supernova Supernova 18.0s 600
  • 350% Melee Damage
  • Player's CRIT +5%
  • 383% Melee Damage
  • Player's CRIT +6%
  • 416% Melee Damage
  • Player's CRIT +7%
  • 449% Melee Damage
  • Player's CRIT +8%
  • Player Skill Damage +14% (6 sec.)
Icon-Rita's Meteor Punch Rita's Meteor Punch 8.0s -
  • 250% Melee Damage
  • Target's DEF -5%