Raywing Island is a location in the world of Meridia. It serves as the tutorial location of the game, teaching the player the basis of movement, interaction, combat, and questing.

The player may not re-access Raywing Island after the tutorial.


Raywing Island is situated on the south-eastern portion of Meridia.

Fifteen years have passed since the war broke as a result of the twin goddesses's disagreement that culminated into war. A knight was tasked to rid of feisty wolves causing havoc near the village but instead encountered the twin goddess, Amaris, who were in the midst of fighting with Samuel. As a retaliation from his defeat, Samuel used his last resort to transport his allies to safety before summoning a rain of meteors that caused the destruction of Raywing Island.




Main questsEdit

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  • Raywing Island is considered to be a dungeon.
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