Map Meridia

Map of Meridia

Meridia is a continent in the world of Aetherion.


All the regions in Meridia, as well as the included instances and zones.

Southern PrairieEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-The Royal City of Arcadia
The Royal City of Arcadia
As the capital city of Arcadia, this royal city is a bustling center of commerce, culture, and politics. (714, 399) --
Loading-Raywing Harbor
Raywing Harbor
A quaint, charming port town for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. (702, 181) 1-10
Loading-Woolruft Plains
Woolruft Plains
This lavish, fertile prairie is the ideal grazing ground for herds of sheep. (605, 306) 11-20
Loading-Vitreus Mines
Vitreus Mines
The crystals found deep within these mines are the very lifeblood of Arcadia's economy. (888, 303) 21-30

Eastern ForestEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Bluemoon Grove
Bluemoon Grove
A beautiful, shady forest nourished by the blessings of the sacred tree at its center. (830, 578) 31-40
Loading-Maplewood Glen
Maplewood Glen
A utopian sprawl on the outskirts of Arcadia, seemingly be enveloped by a mysterious force. (684, 590) 40-43

Central DesertEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Arrakin Desert
Arrakin Desert
This inhospitable desert is permanently soaked in unrelenting, scorching sunlight, but that doesn't stop the merchants from gathering to flog their wares. (484, 538) 43-50

Central PlainEdit

The Central Plain does not have any zones.

Western RainforestEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Jungle Mortalis
Battlefront - Jungle Mortalis
This strategically-located Alfenheim base is manned by elves and local tribes alike, working together to resist the Ruby Star advances. (170, 499) 48-55

Northern BarrensEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Lost Metropolis
Battlefront - Lost Metropolis
After a terrible catastrophe which forced the capital to be moved, the ruins of Arcadia's former capital city now lie in a pile of rubble. (309, 677) 48-55
Loading-Cosmic Coast
Cosmic Coast
Home of the legendary Sky Stairway, the Cosmic Coast is the passageway to Sanctopolis (267, 763) 55-56
Loading-Waking Wetlands
Waking Wetlands
Home to the mysterious Ulura tribe, close allies of the Elemental Sprites. (167, 641) 56-60


Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Sanctopolis: Prismatica
Prismatica is an aerial archipelago which consists of four floating islands and is home to a contingent of Sanctopolisians. (295, 808) 58-62
Sanctopolis: Constellacia
Constellacia was once a beautiful, prosperous city under the joint rule of the Sapphire and Ruby Stars. However, the War of the Falling Stars has changed all that, possibly beyond repair... (255, 813) 59-65

Profession SitesEdit