Lv60. Unidentified Epic Armor Formula
Right-click to open.

Untradable if purchased with Star Points
Level Requirement: 60

An unknown epic armor/weapon formula. You must identify it first.

Dropped by bosses in La Catedral Infernal, Metarealm: Bluemoon Sanctuary, and Metarealm: Ruins of Oblivion



Source table for Lv60. Unidentified Epic Armor Formula
Source Location Price
Ruby Commander Hasser La Catedral Infernal -
Ruby Knight Phoenix La Catedral Infernal
Sanctuary Guardian Cale Metarealm: Bluemoon Sanctuary
Ruby Knight Beryl Metarealm: Bluemoon Sanctuary
Heraldic Guard Vespasius Metarealm: Ruins of Oblivion
Ruby Knight Leo Metarealm: Ruins of Oblivion