The strangest man promises you a castle if you'd only serve him as a squire. Sounds too good to be true? But you decide to follow him anyway and see what he's up to.

Story branchesEdit

Lv1. The Man of La Mancha
You spy the strangest man standing by the lighthouse up ahead. Whatever could he be up to?

• Find out what this strange man is up to.

Lv1. Dragon Questing
First a giant, and now a DRAGON? You're not sure if Plymouth can manage this...

• Find out what Plymouth is up to.

Lv1. Ah! My Spring Goddess
The healing spring should be around here somewhere. Get Plymouth to it quick!

• Approach the spring and find out what's in there.

Lv1. We are Living in an Imperial World
Healing shores, take me home!
Rewards for first completion:

• ATK +6


  • Level Dependent Quest EXP * 150
  • 20 Icon-LP
  • 10 Icon-GuildToken