It's a wide, wide world out there, and there's a heck of a lot left for you to learn. Sometimes it's best to call in the experts!

Story branchesEdit

Lv1. Scaring is Caring
Some sort of strange gentleman seems to have made himself comfortable in the lake, and he doesn't look like a pushover, either!

• 'Spooky stuff'? Uh... not really...

Jeremy's left to meet with his sister. Something in your gut tells you you should follow him...

• I'm helping anyway!
• Id' better just stay out of this.

Lv1. Whoopsie-Daisy!
You decide to join in Jeremy and Jemma's attack!
Rewards for first completion:

• Def +3

Lv1. Score!
This seems like one of those situations you'd best steer clear of...

• Amazing Teamwork!

Lv1. After 'While, Crocodile
Find Jeremy and Jemma to determine their next target.
Rewards for first completion:

• Crit +6


  • Level Dependent Quest EXP * 150
  • 20 Icon-LP
  • 10 Icon-GuildToken