Item-Intrepid Force

Intrepid Force

Untradable. Can't be discarded. Can't Evolve.
Level Requirement: 15
Durability: 100 / 100

Attack +259
CRIT +47

Gear Star1 ATK +139
Gear Star2 CRIT DMG +139
Gear Star3 CRIT DMG +3%

Purchasable from Weapon Merchant in the zone of the corresponding level.


Source table for Intrepid Force
Source Location Price
Weapon Merchant Payne Raywing Harbor 370 Icon-Silver
Traveling Merchant Woolruft Plains
Weapon Merchant Rogash Woolruft Plains
Weapon Merchant Oswald Vitreus Mines
Weapon Merchant Oliver The Royal City of Arcadia
Weapon Merchant Darren Guild Palace