The Guild Palace is an island in the sky accessible for guild members. Merchants of many types offer their goods and services here, and guild bosses can also spawn.

Guilds must be at least level five (5) to unlock the Guild Palace.

Places of InterestEdit

Central PlazaEdit

The Central Plaza is the point of entry into the Guild Palace, and connects all other regions at a center point. Guild Merchant Void Summoner Beedris can be hired to spawn random Void Phantoms here. In addition, a Furval Rapid Service conductor is present to transport adventurers.

Market StreetEdit

The Market Street is the commercial area of the Guild Palace, populated entirely by Furvals. Merchants, auctioneers, and bankers are all present here.

Garden SquareEdit

The Garden Square is a pleasant area in the north and northeast area of the Guild Palace, dominated by magnificent trees and splendid flowers. No practical purpose is served here, although it houses the perfect scenery for a screenshot or two.

Augur's SquareEdit

The Augur's Square is an area south of the Central Plaza. Guild Community Chests can be opened here, bringing goodies to all attendees. Guild Merchant Fortune Star Patsykin can be hired here to predict guild members' fortunes.

Rural GreenwayEdit

The Rural Greenway, as its name implies, is a corridor of untouched land to the south of the Augur's Square. At the end lies Apprentice Summoner Roland, who summons Void Phantoms daily at 13:00, 18:00, and 20:00 server time.


Void Phantom Summonings by Roland
13:00 18:00 20:00
Monday Blasphema Kla'ruk Gaia
Tuesday Khufu the Unbreakable Mizzenmore Scabarthe
Wednesday Tergorius Duo Frostbane
Thursday No spawn Bathmandu Blasphema
Friday Kla'ruk Gaia Khufu the Unbreakable
Saturday Mizzenmore Scabarthe Tergorius
Sunday Scabarthe Frostbane Bathmandu