Currencies are used in the world of Twin Saga. It can be viewed in-game through the Backpack interface.

List of CurrenciesEdit

Icon Details
Gold Icon-Gold Gold is the universal trading currency. One gold is equivalent to 1,000 silver. Together with silver, it can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, and selling items. It is used in transactions with other players or NPCs.
Silver Icon-Silver Silver is a division of gold. When 1,000 silver is reached, it will automatically become 1 gold. See gold for further details.
Loyalty Points Icon-LP Loyalty Points is a currency used to purchase items from the Loyalty Shop. It is obtainable by defeating monsters, obtaining a spot on ranking leaderboards, completing Astral Adventures and daily/weekly achievements, and sending greetings to friends.
  • Loyalty Points can't exceed 99,999.
Guild Tokens Icon-GuildToken Guild Tokens is a currency used in Guilds. It is obtainable by completing Astral Adventures and daily quests. It can be used to purchase special items from the guild merchant.
  • Only guilds Lv5 and higher can hire merchants.
  • Guild Tokens can't exceed 9,999.
Star Points Icon-StarPoint Obtainable by defeating bosses, Senshi, elite enemies, or by gathering legendary plants and ores. Can be exchanged for items in the Celestial Compendium.
  • Star Points can't exceed 100,000.
Arena Coins Icon-ArenaCoin Obtainable by participating in arena events. It is used to purchase arena gears in the Battlefield interface.
  • Arena Coins can't exceed 9,999.
Battlefront Badges Icon-BattlefrontBadge Obtainable by completing battlefront quests within Jungle Mortalis and the Lost Metropolis. It is used to purchase special items from the Battlefront Badge Cashier.
  • Battlefront Badges can't exceed 30,000.
AP Icon-AP A shortening for Aeria Points, AP is a virtual currency that's used across various Aeria Games platforms. In this case, the Item Mall and the web mall. It is primarily and mostly obtained through billing, but players can also take up offers.