Home of the legendary Sky Stairway, the Cosmic Coast is the passageway to Sanctopolis

–Official Description

Cosmic Coast is a location in the Northern Barrens of the Meridian continent. It is suitable for levels 55 to 56.

Places of InterestEdit

Coastal EncampmentEdit

The Coastal Encampment is the primary settlement of Cosmic Coast. It is located in the southeastern part of Cosmic Coast, near the entrance to Meridia.

Battlefield RuinsEdit

The Battlefield Ruins is an area in the west part of Cosmic Coast. It is dominated by Petrobots, and has a tall elaborate structure in its center.

Alliance OutpostEdit

The Alliance Outpost is, quite simply, an outpost for the allied forces fighting for Marisa. It is directly north of the Coastal Encampment.

Boulder HillEdit

Boulder Hill is an area in the east and northeast of Cosmic Coast, housing numerous undead creatures.

Partisan HeadquartersEdit

The Partisan Headquarters is a base for the hostile Partisan group, in the northwestern parts of Cosmic Coast. The area is comprised of numerous hills connected by bridges, and the fabled Sky Stairway resides here.

Haven of OblivionEdit

Main article: Haven of Oblivion

Haven of Oblivion is an instanced area journeyed to near the end of the quest line in Arrakin Desert. It is accessible to players level 48 or greater.


Name Coordinates
Icon-Merchant NPC Grocer Anna (X: 764, Y: 436)
Icon-Weapon NPC Weapon Merchant Lazar (X: 704, Y: 400)
Icon-Armor NPC Armor Merchant Gryffid (X: 698, Y: 391)
Icon-Bank NPC Bank Teller Heldworth (X: 686, Y: 381)
Icon-Furval NPC Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 733, Y: 413)
Icon-Bounty NPC Bounty Manager Declan (X: 663, Y: 362)
Icon-Merchant NPC Traveling Merchant (X: 683, Y: 631)
File:Icon-Daily Quest-Accept.png Bounty Agent Marilyn (X: 779, Y: 394)
See also: Category:Arrakin Desert NPC





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