Community is an interface dedicated for social interaction. It is primarily used for managing the Friend List. The command to open via keyboard is the letter "O".



Example of the interface


This part of the interface is where the player can manage the friend list and block list. Friends will be displayed on a table, showing the following properties:

  • Name: the name of the friend.
  • Level: the character level of the friend. It will only be displayed when the friend is online.
  • Class: the friend's current class.
  • Location (Channel): displays the friend's current location and channel. If the friend is offline, it will show the latest log-in instead.
  • Remark: a personal note of the player. To add or edit it, simply right-click on the friend's section and click "Remark".
  • Greet: an automated greeting to the online friend. The player can edit the message to their own desire on the left-down section below the friend list.

To add a friend, the player can refer to the "Add Friend" button below the Victory Cry section. Note that the player can only add a friend when the recipient is online.

To block a person, simply click on the "Block" button below the Greetings section and write their name. Or, if the person happened to be a friend, the player can also right-click on the friend's section and click "Block". The blocked friend will automatically be removed as friend and go into the block list.

To reach the block list, click on the button right next to the "Block" button and the interface will pop up. This is where the player can unblock. To do that, simply right-click and click "Unblock".

The player can also edit their Victory Cry. When defeating another player in PvP, the killer's victory cry will be displayed to the killer and the killed.