Character Info is an interface displaying player's stats, gear, titles and other related information. The command to open it via keyboard is the letter "C".

Gear & StatsEdit


Example of the Gear & Stats interface

As the name suggests, this section gives a look on the player's gears and stats. It is also the place where the player can dye their costumes.

Character GearEdit

This section displays the gears, profession items and costumes currently equipped. In the gear department, the character can equip one Head, Chest, Waist, Hands, Feet, Weapon and two Trinklet equipments.

In the costume department, the character can equip a Head Outfit and a Body Outfit which will be displayed on the character. However, when equipping a Body Costume or Head Costume, these will overwrite the respective outfits. The character can also equip a Face Costume, Back Costume and Weapon Costume.

If the player do not wish to show their gears to other players, the player can simply click a button next to the header to hide their gears.


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