Zones are the open-world maps of Meridia. From the verdant prairies in the south to the barrens of the north, nearly all types of climates and landscapes are encompassed.

List of ZonesEdit

All existing zones, sorted by region and level.

Southern PrairieEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-The Royal City of Arcadia
The Royal City of Arcadia
As the capital city of Arcadia, this royal city is a bustling center of commerce, culture, and politics. (714, 399) 20+
Loading-Raywing Harbor
Raywing Harbor
A quaint, charming port town for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. (702, 181) 1-10
Loading-Woolruft Plains
Woolruft Plains
This lavish, fertile prairie is the ideal grazing ground for herds of sheep. (605, 306) 11-20
Loading-Vitreus Mines
Vitreus Mines
The crystals found deep within these mines are the very lifeblood of Arcadia's economy. (888, 303) 21-30

Eastern ForestEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Bluemoon Grove
Bluemoon Grove
A beautiful, shady forest nourished by the blessings of the sacred tree at its center. (830, 578) 31-40
Loading-Maplewood Glen
Maplewood Glen
A utopian sprawl on the outskirts of Arcadia, seemingly be enveloped by a mysterious force. (684, 590) 40-43

Central DesertEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Arrakin Desert
Arrakin Desert
This inhospitable desert is permanently soaked in unrelenting, scorching sunlight, but that doesn't stop the merchants from gathering to flog their wares. (484, 538) 43-50

Central PlainEdit

The Central Plain does not have any zones.

Western RainforestEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Jungle Mortalis
Battlefront - Jungle Mortalis
This strategically-located Alfenheim base is manned by elves and local tribes alike, working together to resist the Ruby Star advances. (170, 499) 48-55

Northern BarrensEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Loading-Lost Metropolis
Battlefront - Lost Metropolis
After a terrible catastrophe which forced the capital to be moved, the ruins of Arcadia's former capital city now lie in a pile of rubble. (309, 677) 48-55
Loading-Cosmic Coast
Cosmic Coast
Home of the legendary Sky Stairway, the Cosmic Coast is the passageway to Sanctopolis (267, 763) 55-56
Loading-Waking Wetlands
Waking Wetlands
Home to the mysterious Ulura tribe, close allies of the Elemental Sprites. (167, 641) 56-60


Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Sanctopolis: Prismatica
Prismatica is an aerial archipelago which consists of four floating islands and is home to a contingent of Sanctopolisians. (295, 808) 58-62
Sanctopolis: Constellacia
Constellacia was once a beautiful, prosperous city under the joint rule of the Sapphire and Ruby Stars. However, the War of the Falling Stars has changed all that, possibly beyond repair... (255, 813) 59-65

Northern IslandEdit

Settlement Description Coordinates Level range
Moonlight Valley Maplewood is a historic ancient elf village enriched by abundant crystals. (550, 860) 68-70
Black Hill A narrow mountain ridge covered in mist that makes wanderers forget their past. (850, 850) 70-73

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