Her twin sister, helpless to retaliate, used the last of her power to set free the Senshi, the faithful companions who had served her so well.


Senshi are divine servants who once served Marisa, one of the twin goddesses, prior to calamity. Befriending the Senshi requires ten Senshi contracts to form a permanent bond.[1]


Marisa, one of the twin goddesses, was served by the Senshi. However, when the Calendar of Creation was on its final pages, the twin goddesses could not come into terms on governing its people. When turmoil ensued, Marisa had used the last bit of her power to set free the Senshi.[2]

List of SenshiEdit

For a list of unreleased Senshi, refer to Unreleased Senshi.

Icon Epithet and Name Ultimate Skill Attack Move Stat Bonuses
Icon-Fina <Descant> Fina Icon-Hymn of Heaven Icon-Starbeam Blast ATK, Haste
Icon-Samuel <Hammerfall> Samuel Icon-Specter of War Icon-Savage Smash HP, DEF
Icon-Zaro <Blademaster> Zaro Icon-Strident Blade Icon-Astral Burst EVA, CRIT
Icon-Claire <Enchantress> Claire Icon-Strident Blade Icon-Astral Burst ATK, Haste
Icon-Gaia <Shieldmaiden> Gaia Icon-Shield of Valor Icon-Thor&#039;s Justice HP, DEF
Icon-Duo <Sharpshooter> Duo Icon-Bullet Barrage Icon-Crackshot EVA, CRIT
Icon-Duet <Holy Terror> Duet Icon-Blood Moon Icon-Predation EVA, Haste
Icon-Rita <Mademoiselle> Rita Icon-Supernova Icon-Rita&#039;s Meteor Punch ATK, CRIT
Icon-Sakura <Star Maiden> Sakura Icon-Cosmic Dream Icon-Sakura Starfall DEF, Haste
Icon-Azusa <Moon Maiden> Azusa Icon-Astral Nightmare Icon-Winter&#039;s Grasp HP, EVA
Icon-Koharu <Kawaii Kitsune> Koharu Icon-Chaotic Renewal Icon-Eternal Flame HP, ATK
Icon-Alice <Wanderland> Alice Icon-Auroral Slumber Icon-Spectral Shock EVA, CRIT
Icon-Aryn <Chevalier> Aryn Icon-Stellar Saber Icon-Stellar Slash HP, ATK
Icon-Lenna <Empress of Snow> Lenna Icon-Winter is Coming Icon-Diamond Dust ATK, CRIT
Icon-Aflallo <Frozen Flame> Aflallo Icon-Frozen Tundra Icon-Cannon Bomb ATK, CRIT
Icon-Belle <Blossom Sweetheart> Belle Icon-Umbrella Icon-Blossom Dance ATK, Haste
Icon-Kittana <Dark Kitty Sorcerer> Kittana Icon-Fallen Shadow Icon-Eventide Blast ATK, HP
Icon-Luna <Moon of Dreams> Luna Icon-Magic Moon Icon-Magic Star ATK, HP
Icon-Nalani <Glorious Wings> Nalani Icon-Sacred Light Icon-Holy Flame Arrow ATK, DEF
Icon-Melody <Flower Fairy> Melody Icon-Vortex Song Icon-Magic String Soundwave ATK, EVA
Icon-Cherry <Dynamite Rabbit> Cherry Icon-Ashmoon Icon-Necrosis Moon ATK, CRIT
Icon-Gogo <Bundle of Energy> Gogo Icon-Ripples Icon-Prisma Light ATK, DEF
Icon-Shirley <Black Tea Princess> Shirley Icon-Sacred Dance Icon-Deathly Cyclone ATK, Haste
Icon-Emilia <Heart of the Ocean> Emilia Icon-Beckoning Icon-Flying Wave ATK, DEF
Icon-Yuuki <Golden Aura> Yuuki Icon-Revelry Icon-Ripple ATK, CRIT
Icon-Michelle <White Witch> Michelle Icon-Infiltration Massacre Icon-Celestial Horse ATK, CRIT
Icon-Norn <Goddess of Fate> Norn Icon-Dance of Time Icon-Destiny Cycle HP, ATK
Icon-Muse <Blazing Star> Muse Icon-Spell Binding Icon-Heavenly Chime ATK, DEF
Icon-Althea <Death of the Sea> Althea Icon-Reaper&#039;s Scythe Icon-Righteous Judgement HP, CRIT



Senshi Interface
  1. Senshi Formation: The player may have up to 3 active members.
  2. Senshi Blessings: Each star level of the player's active Senshi gives the player a passive buff (up to 9, 3 for each of the 3 Senshi).
  3. Senshi Star Level: Each Senshi can gain up to 3 star levels.
  4. Senshi In Reserve: These are the player's available Senshi. Those not yet unlocked will be grayed out.
  5. Senshi Level: Senshi can evolve up the possible max level of the player, but not higher than the current level of the player.
  6. Upgrade: Increase a Senshi's level by using Senshi EXP.
  7. Available EXP: The player's available Senshi EXP is listed here.
  8. Star Level: Senshi may be evolved up to star level 3.
  9. Evolve: Increase a Senshi's star level using Senshi Contracts and 100x Senshi Evolution Stones.
  10. Star Energy: This needs to be maxed out in order to evolve a Senshi by one star.
  11. Bond: Gain bond levels from daily Senshi quests and use them to buy items from the Senshi.
  12. Gifting: Use this pop-up window to give gifts to the Senshi.
  13. 1st Stat Bonus: Displays the first stat bonus the Senshi gives to the player.
  14. 2nd Stat Bonus: Displays the second stat bonus the Senshi gives to the player.
  15. Ultimate Move: This is a powerful move granted to the player.
  16. Move: This is the main skill used by a Senshi in battle.[1]

Action BarEdit

Senshi Action Bar

Using the special Senshi action bar, the player can summon or dismiss the player's Senshi, activate a Senshi attack, activate a battle stance, or switch between the player's 3 active Senshi.[1]

Ultimate MoveEdit

Senshi Ultimate Move

Place the Senshi's ultimate move on the ultimate move action bar and use it with [F] or Ctrl + 0, 3-9.[1]



  • Before finalizing with the name "Senshi", the localization team came up with the name "Nakama", which means "friend/companion" in Japanese. However, when translated in other languages, the translators felt the name did not fit the context. After some brainstorming, the name "Senshi" was chosen, which is an inexact translation to "warrior".[3]


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