Astral Adventure cube

An Astral Adventure cube

Astral Adventures are daily side quests found in numerous locations around Meridia, taking the form of glowing cubes. Astral Adventures are dialogue conversations between various characters, with player-choice conversations that can branch off into different conversations.

Astral Adventures can be interacted by standing on the glowing cubes, resulting in a dialogue pop-up appearing that can be accepted to begin the quest. Once accepted, the player can traverse nearby regions for the next dialogue conversation, some of which can branch off into different conversations. Following through to the end, the player is rewarded with titles and bonus stat points when completed for the first time, including 20 loyalty points and 10 guild tokens for subsequent completion.

A daily limit of 10 Astral Adventures can be taken every day until the next scheduled reset. The same Astral Adventure, regardless of the number of branches, cannot be accepted again until the next reset. Only one Astral Adventure can be accepted at once.

Each Astral Adventure rewards 20 loyalty points and 10 guild tokens, unless specified. Experience varies between levels.

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