Numeorus zones inhabited by various peoples are sprawled across the Meridian continent. Within many of these zones, as well as in Meridia itself, are dungeons, which are instanced areas.


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Zones are the open-world maps in which players can partake in quests and explore. Each zone has its own distinct scenery, inhabitants, and landmarks connected to the game's story. All zones are connected to Meridia.


The two Battlefront zones are Jungle Mortalis and Lost Metropolis. There is a short quest line in each zone. After those quests are completed, they can be repeated as daily quests. The daily quests reward a currency called Battlefront Tokens, which can be used to purchase items from a special merchant.

Should your character's level be level 55 or higher (enough to continue to Cosmic Coast), it is actually not necessary to complete these Battlefront zones. It is still recomended to do so, however, as the Battlefront tokens can be used to purchase certain desirable items.


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Dungeons are instanced areas that players can enter solo or in a group. Many dungeons are connected to the main story, while others may be done for loot.

(Note that some headers, such as Main Story Dungeons and Furval's Dungeons, are not actual terms used within the game; rather, they are used to group similar dungeons for discussion on this page.)

Main Story DungeonsEdit

Dungeons related to the main story are completed near the end of most zones' quest lines. Zones which do not have main story dungeons are Raywing Harbor (levels 1-10), Maplewood Glen (levels 40-43), and Sanctopolis: Prismatica (levels 59-62).

The most desired loot in story dungeons includes crafting recipes, equipment chests, trinkets, and Starstones.

Oubliette Labs DungeonsEdit

Oubliette Labs is a type of dungeon available in three versions: levels 38+, 48+, and 58+. The level 38+ version is accessible through Bluemoon Grove, while the level 48+ version is accessible through Arrakin Desert, and the level 58+ version is accessible through Waking Wetlands. Each version is considered a separate dungeon, and can be completed without affecting the entry limit of other dungeons.

The most desired loot in Oubliette Labs is weapon/armor EXP crystals, which increase the fusion bonus on weapon and armor, and Gear Evolution Scrolls, which can evolve equipment up to +20.

Furval's Training Ground (including Nabuland)Edit

Furval's Training Ground (level 58+) and Nabuland (level 48+) are two dungeons accessible at the same portal in Meridia.

Players generally enter these dungeons to gain EXP, as well as for Loyalty Points.

Class-Obtaining DungeonsEdit

Aurora Sanctum (level 45+) and Dragon's Abeyance (level 50+) are dungeons accessible from Meridia, dropping items that players can use to obtain the Berserker and Occultist classes, respectively.

Related WindowsEdit


The minimap is a UI element that cannot be closed, but can be moved. It is, like its name states, a minimap. The current server time, as well as your character's coordinates, are displayed. Other windows including the leaderboards, Celestial Compendium, battlefield (PvP) window, party finder, social window, and full map are also present here. Other players, excluding those in your party, can be hidden through the Hide Players button in the upper-right of the minimap.


The map can be opened by pressing M, or clicking its icon in the minimap. Right-clicking will bring you to the world map, while the four drop-down menus on top can be used to find zones, dungeons, and specific monsters/NPCs in the specified map.

Party FinderEdit

The party finder window can be opened by clicking the flag icon in the minimap.

Click "Recruit" and select a dungeon you would like to recruit for. You can type a custom message, which can be used to specify how many times you are running that dungeon, as well as if you plan to enter other dungeons too. If party recruitment is currently running, clicking "Broadcast" will announce your dungeon and message in the recruitment channel.

When your party is ready to warp, click the dungeon's name, and click Warp. All your party members will confirm that they are ready, and the party will be teleported to the dungeon's entrance.

If you are recruiting for a party, you will not be able to receive join requests if you have NPC dialogue windows open, or if you are in combat. The player requesting to join your party would receive a message saying that you are busy.