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The Terracottage is a mobile house in which an adventurer can furnish, handle professions, socialize, and more. Access to the interior (by pressing H) is unlocked upon completion of the quest Lv21. Miners, not Minors!.


The Terracottage consists of three rooms: the Main Hall, Greenhouse and Workshop. In each room, players can perform various task and handle professions, such as cooking, crafting, alchemy and more.

In addition to having other players visit, Senshi can also be present in the Terracottage. The Senshi can be placed in various locations in all three rooms. The player can talk to the Senshi in order to trigger optional Senshi quests. These quests increase the bond between the player and the Senshi, which allows the player to upgrade the Senshi. For further information, see the Quests section of the beginner's guide.


Main HallEdit

Main Hall

The Main Hall is a wide-open space where players can customize with furniture and decorations. To learn how to decorate, speak with Alfred on this floor, or read Decorating the Main Hall below.

In the Main Hall there is also a Community Chest that allows the player and their visitors to open to collect rewards. With more guests present and opening the chest, more rewards will be received by the owner. There is a maximum of 15 people allowed to open a chest.



The Greenhouse, located in the top of the Terracottage, allows players to cultivate and harvest materials necessary for various professions such as crafting. The Farming and Cooking professions are available here. Farming can be done in the mounds of fertile soil, while Cooking can be done in the kitchen.



The Workshop is the heart of the Terracottage and the place where players can craft and create outfits, equipment, potions, Starstones, and furniture. On the walls, players can see holographic projections of various bosses of the world. Crafting and Alchemy professions are available here, and can be performed at the Crafting Table and Alchemist's Workbench respectively.

Decorating the Main HallEdit



Many different furnishings are available in different themes, such as Rustic, Marine, Sugarland, etc. In addition to the furniture items themselves, there are also floor designs, ceiling designs, wallpapers, windows, and rafters to match the theme.


The Rustic Bed, Rustic Bookshelf, Rustic Chair, and Rustic Dining Table can be purchased directly from Ellsworth in the main hall.

Furniture from the Marine set can be obtained from the Furval's Fantasia dungeon, while fixture formulas are dropped by bosses in Furval's Utopia. Furniture formulas from the Sugarland set can be purchased from Miracle Merchant Moomoo in the Guild Palace, while fixture formulas are dropped by bosses in Furval's Utopia.

Crafting furniture requires three main ingredients: 9 components, 10 orange-quality items obtained from fishing or gathering, and 10 different orange-quality items also obtained from fishing or gathering. The 9 components are made at the Crafting Table, each component requiring 3 Prismatic Diamonds. The rare items obtained from fishing or gathering differs for each recipe, and have only a chance of being looted.