Quests are a basic element of Twin Saga, driving the plot and immersing players in the story.

Several different types exist; this article covers Senshi Quests, Hidden Quests, and Achievements, the latter two of which are not actual quests. All of these can be viewed in the Quest Log, which can be opened by clicking its icon in the lower-right or using its hotkey, which is L by default.


Main QuestsEdit

Main quests begin in the tutorial, and bring you throughout the world via a quest line. Some main quests involve visiting NPCs, while others may include defeating monsters, collecting items, or running through special activities related to the plot.

Daily QuestsEdit

Daily quests can be taken daily; some examples of daily quests include quests relating to events. Other daily quests might feature dungeons, monster defeating, or resource collection after the map has been completed in the story line.

Senshi QuestsEdit

Please note that there is a difference between Senshi Quests and Senshi Sagas!

Senshi quests are a special type of daily quest. You can add Senshi to your Terracottage by pressing H, and those Senshi will be able to give out daily quests for you to complete. Some examples of quest goals include running dungeons, performing professional activities (such as Cooking or Gathering), and completing Hidden Quests.

The quests that each Senshi gives out is RANDOM, and will change from day-to-day. If you have multiple Senshi, their quests can overlap and you can kill two (or more) birds with one stone.

These daily quests award Senshi Bond, which can be used to purchase items from the Senshi; you can read more about these at the Senshi section of the Beginner's Guide. Each quest rewards 25 Bond, and there is a cap of 300.

Senshi SagasEdit

Senshi Sagas are a short series of quests designed to provide a backstory or lore on certain Senshi (specifically, the ones available in the item mall).

They award 1 Senshi Contract at the end, but take note that this reward is given from the achievement, not from the quest itself. Therefore, you can only receive the Senshi Contract one time on one account; if you complete the quest on different characters, you will not receive the Senshi Contract again.


Achievements are various goals to aim for in the game, giving loyalty points and other miscellaneous rewards. There are achievements for unlocking Senshi, for crafting equipment, and much more. Hidden quests and conversations are also activities done for achievement completion.

Hidden QuestsEdit

Hidden quests are pseudo-quests done for achievement completion. Unlike conventional quests, you are not guided on each step of the quest. Instead, you must rely on dialogue and tooltips (or player-written guides) to know what to do. Hidden quests are marked by green-colored exclamation marks on the map.


You can listen in on conversations held by NPCs who are scattered throughout the world, and listening to entire conversations will complete achievements. Conversation NPCs are not marked on the map, so you will need to explore the maps or view player-written guides to locate them.

Astral AdventuresEdit

Main article: Astral Adventures

Astral Adventures are mini-adventures found scattered throughout Meridia, and can be identified through the white floating cubes. Simply walk up to one, and follow through the adventure!

Rewards for completing Astral Adventures include character titles, loyalty points, 10 guild tokens, challenge letters for the Band of Brawlers, and a temporary EXP buff is gained for completing 5 Astral Adventures (lasting until midnight). You can complete up to 10 Astral Adventures per day.

Some Astral Adventures have multiple story options to choose from; each route might have different rewards, but all can be completed. Astral Adventures are a good way to gain experience for quests that require you to level up, especially in the lower levels.