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Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Technical HelpEdit

Check out the technical issues FAQ on the forum, or common problems and solutions in the Twin Saga Wiki's guide. If neither sources can successfully solve your issue, you can get help by posting on the forum or in the Discord channel, as explained in the Getting Assistance section above.

Classes and SkillsEdit

How does the class system work?

Twin Saga features a class-swapping system, in which you can switch classes anytime outside of combat. Each class you select has their own class level, which is different than your character level.

How I unlock more classes?

You may notice that you only have a few classes available at the start. You can unlock more classes by progressing through the story line. Berserker and Occultist are the only classes that are not unlocked through the storyline; they are unlocked through items dropped from Aurora Sanctum and Dragon's Abeyance respectively. The items used to unlock the Berserker and Occultist classes are the Sealed Berserker Class License and Energy-Infused Grimoire, which can also be purchased from other players.

Is there a mana stat in this game?

There is no mana stat or any other resource required to use skills. However, SP can be accumulated by casting skills, and can be used to cast ultimate moves or Senshi skills. For information about these, check out the SP section of the beginner's guide to classes.

What are common skills?

Common skills are skills that, once unlocked, can be used on other classes. Check out the common skills section of the beginner's guide for more information.


What does it mean when the game says I couldn't catch/gather anything?

Fishing and gathering both have a chance to fail, especially when using beginner-level tools. Using higher-level tools drastically decreases the frequency of failed catches.

How do I craft higher-level fishing poles/gathering tools?

Visit Cloxars or Merrick in the Main Hall of your Terracottage, and they can sell you formulas for creating higher-level tools. The components used in the crafting of fishing poles and gathering tools begin with "Nautica's" and "Terra's" respectively. Green-quality tools increase the frequency that a specific item is obtained, while blue-quality tools enhance abilities during quick-time events. Orange and yellow-quality tools are created from components and formulas obtained from rare fish.