Character Class SystemEdit

Twin Saga currently has twelve classes available in the western versions. The Swordmaster, Mage, Gunslinger, Dragonknight, Monk, and Cannoneer are available to choose during character creation, while all other classes can be unlocked within the game. The Cleric, Paladin, Hunter, and Rogue classes can be unlocked through the main quest, and the Berserker and Occultist classes can be obtained through dungeon drops in Aurora Sanctum and Dragon's Abeyance respectively.

Character classes can be changed any time outside of combat; classes can be changed by opening the class window in the lower-right corner, or by pressing K, and then clicking Switch. Each class has different pre-set stat bonuses, and each class also has their own individual class level, so different classes can be at completely different levels.

Skill SystemEdit


The available skills for your class can be seen by pressing K. Generally, there are five class skills, two common skills, and one ultimate move. When common skills are unlocked, they can also be used on other classes.

Common SkillsEdit

Common skills are skills that can be used on all available classes. After the class level requirements for unlocking a certain common skill is met, it can be utilized by both the class it has been unlocked on, and also other classes. Unlocked common skills on the currently-selected class do not apply towards the two common skills that can be selected from other classes.

Ultimate MovesEdit

Ultimate moves are attacks which deal large amounts of damage, and have 30-second cooldowns. Casting an ultimate move has a unique animation on each type of enemy. There are three different ultimate moves available for each class with differing effects, but only one can be selected at a time. The selected ultimate move can be changed at any time outside of battle. Casting an ultimate move costs 1000 SP.

Special Points (SP)Edit


The SP gauge below the main action bar

Special Points, most often abbreviated to SP, are used to cast Class Ultimate Moves and Senshi Ultimate Moves. Each casted skill generates a fixed amount of SP, which can fill up to 1000 (one thousand), at which point the SP bar will say MAX.

Class SpecializationsEdit

Basic SpecializationsEdit

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The Gunslinger's basic specialization options

Each class has two different basic specializations available, focusing on different stats and boosting different skills. Specialization Points can be invested into both paths simultaneously, but more powerful tiles and bonuses are found further down each one.

A class's basic specialization path can be reset for free when the class is level 40 or under. After level 40, costs scale based on class level.

No more basic Specialization Points are received for leveling up a class when class the level is greater than 65.

From class level 1 to 55, 1 basic Specialization Point is gained per level. From class level 56 up to level 65, 2 basic Specialization Points are gained per level, for a total of 75 basic Specialization Points available at level 65.

Advanced SpecializationsEdit


The Swordmaster's advanced specialization options

Advanced specializations are specializations unlocked at class level 42. Five advanced Specialization Points are received for each level gained after reaching level 42 (inclusive). Heightened skill status effects, skill damage boosts, and stat bonuses can all be obtained in the advanced specialization.