Character CreationEdit

Time to create a character! When you enter the game, click Create in the lower-right to begin. There are 4 starting classes to choose from, and you can unlock more throughout your journey. You can also switch classes at any time outside of combat, so there's no need to take a long time and deliberate. For more information about classes, see Beginner's Guide/Classes.

Twin Saga, being an anime-style MMORPG, features professional Japanese voice acting for story and system messages, and English voice acting for system messages only. You can change the voice acting setting at any time during the course of the game through your settings, and you can also disable it.

User InterfaceEdit

Not all elements of the user interface are included here. They can be found in their respective sections of the Beginner's Guide.



The auto-potion window

The auto-potion feature is a handy way to keep yourself alive during battle without having to manually consume potions. Place a potion in the window, type in a percentage, and check On to use it. When your health drops below the specified percentage, one potion will automatically be consumed.

If your hit points are below the designated percentage of your maximum hit points after the potion finishes its cooldown, another potion will be consumed, until your health recovers above the specified percentage. If your original supply of potions is depleted, you will need to drag another type of potion into the auto-potion window, or purchase more of what you originally used.

Chat BoxesEdit


The main chat window and subwindow


Settings for the main chat window

You can have up to four chat channels in your main chat window. You can also separate or merge different chat windows into the same area, and change what each one shows in chat settings via the gear icon. If you are sending a whisper message to another user, you must use precise capitalization. For example, if you wish to communicate with a user named John, "john" or "JOHN" would not be successful.

If you notice your chat box sometimes fading and prefer to have a background enabled permanently, you can also permanently enable the background in chat settings.

The Subwindow is a second chat box used to show system/world messages, dungeon recruitment, and announcements. You can hide the Subwindow if you prefer not to use it.

Action BarsEdit


The three action bars

The action bar is a feature used to hotkey skills, emotes/actions, and items. The key bindings can be set through system settings; action buttons 0-9 are on the first (main) set, C0-C9 are on the second set, and A0-A9 are on the top (third) set. Binding keys on the number pad will not conflict with shortcuts on the main part of the keyboard, displaying N# instead. Each set can also be rotated vertically to form columns instead of rows.