Are you new in town and need help, or maybe a tutorial on something? Look no further, for here is a beginner's guide!

Getting Help and FAQs

Check out this section to find ways of getting assistance, and see answers of commonly-asked questions.

Downloading and Installing

Information about downloading and installing Twin Saga, including common problems and solutions.

Launching the Game

Information about launching and entering Twin Saga, including common problems and solutions.

Character Creation and User Interface

The basics on character creation, and an introduction to elements of the game's user interface (UI), such as the chat boxes, auto-potion window, and hotkey bars.

Character Classes, Skills, and Specializations

Information about the different character classes available, as well as the different skill types and specialization paths.

Equipment, Starstones, and Costumes

An introduction to the equipment/costume/outfit system used in this game, plus the Starstone systems and features.

The Terracottage

An overview of one of the most touted aspects of Twin Saga, the player's very own home on wheels.


An introduction to the six professions available in Twin Saga.

Social Systems

An introduction to all of the social systems available, including friends, guilds, parties, lovers, and player-blocking.


An introduction to the Senshi systems and features, a unique aspect of Twin Saga.

Quests, Senshi Quests, Astral Adventures, and Achievements

The types of tasks, missions, and mini-adventures able to be completed.

Zones and Dungeons (PvE)

A brief overview of the different map types in the world of Aetherion.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

All a beginner needs to know about the casual fights and competitive battlefields available to do.

Item Mall, LP Shop, Dressing Room, and Astral Puzzle

A tutorial on using the item mall, web mall, and loyalty point shop, as well as an introduction to the dressing room and Astral Puzzle.