Example of the Battlefield interface

Battlefield is an interface allowing players to sign up and view PvP-related events.

It is symbolized by two axes intersecting, located on the right-top corner of the screen.

Battlefield ListEdit

All-Day ArenaEdit

The All-Day Arena is a special 3v3 test arena. It is intended to be an arena for players who want to test new builds and strategies.

Arcadia ArenaEdit

Arcadia Arena is a 3v3 event. Participants will be randomly divided into two teams - blue and red. Over the course of 8 minutes the players will battle for control of the crystal pillar.

The player may join to queue up for the arena when the event opens. Once there are 10 players in the queue, they are teleported to the arena.

All participants will have two minutes to prepare before the battle begins, after which everyone will be automatically teleported to the battlefield.

The goal of the team is to capture the crystal pillar located in the center of the field. The player receive points relative to the amount of time the player remain in control of the pillar. Defeating opponents, healing team members and destroying the pillar also reward points. The team with the most points win the match.

Participants will receive Arena Coins based on the results of the battle as well as their own performance. These coins can be used to purchase gear from the battlefield shop via the Battlefield interface.

Class-specific ArenasEdit

This kind of arena has an arena for each class. Only the specific class may enter the class-specific arena. Classes are locked once queued for an arena. Participants are divided into red and blue teams randomly. Teams compete to see who can retain longest control of the crystal pillar over a period of three minutes.

Furval ArenaEdit

Furval Arena is a 5v5 event. Participants will be randomly divided into two teams - blue and red. Over the course of 8 minutes they will battle for control of the giant Furval.

The target, a Furval of immense proportions, will be running around the arena. If the player capture the Furval, the player's team will receive bonus team scores after guarding it for a specific periods of time. The player can also win points by defeating opponents, healing team members, and capturing the giant Furval.

When participants enter the field of the arena, they will each be granted a random Furval skill.

The skill "Runic Dragon's Force" will be given to the team which is trailing by a certain amount of points. Use this skill to transform into a powerful runic dragon!

Water ParkEdit

This entertaining, casual event ignores player levels for some good old fashioned fun. Participating will be divided into two teams: the Blue and Red team. The competition lasts for three rounds. Rewards will be sent to all players who survive in a round.



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