Backpack is the player's inventory where obtained items can be stored. The shortcut to it is "B".



Example of the Backpack interface

The backpack can store by default up to 30 items. These items can be either accumulative or not, depending if it's for instance an consumable, mount or fusion scroll. Some item groups, for instance gears and costumes, can be highlighted by selecting a button. These are All, Gear, Evolve, Costumes and Others. By default the button selected will always be "All".

To make things convenient, there are several shortcuts and features in the Backpack interface. These are the notable ones, colored in gold:

  • Auto-Sort: automatically sorts all items in the backpack.
  • Gear Evolution: by consuming an Evolution Scroll to evolve gear, the player's gear receives bonus stats.
  • Item Synthesis: synthesize items using the appropriate formula. The player may have to synthesize items in some quests.
  • Stall: the player can set up a stall at the Trade District (474, 337) in Arcadia to sell items to other players.
  • Gear Fusion: obtain the "Fusion Boost" of the gear to make it more powerful.

In order to expand the inventory space, the player has to equip additional backpacks in the inventory space. 5-Slot Backpack can be obtained through main quests, but the alternative to buy more backpacks through the Item Mall or Loyalty Shop is also available.

This is also where the player can view the amount of gold and other currencies in possession. To see the currency, simply click the "Currencies" button to display it. The player can also check their reputation, which can be found near the currency button.


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Expanded backpack

An expanded backpack with more slots

Additional backpacks increase the amount of storage space for storage areas, such as the Backpack and Bank. The number of additional slots depends on what kind of backpacks are used, with up to 5 slots for backpacks and up to 20 storage squares per backpack.

Players can obtain additional backpacks through main quests, the Item Mall or the Loyalty Shop.

Control and Hotkeys Edit

  • Right click: Use item/ equip gear in backpack. Move item to bank when bank interface is open, sell item when shop interface is open.
  • Ctrl+Right click: Use a stack of item if available. Quick sell item if shop interface is open.
  • Left click (hold and drag): Move item between invetory slots. Drag an item out of invetory space to remove it, note that this can't be undone.
  • Shift+Left click: Separate a stack of item.
  • Ctrl+Left click: View content of an item (e.g bags, chest,...) or preview costume.
  • Alt+Left click: Send item's name to chat box.
  • Alt when hovering above a gear to show detailed info.

Note: Bank and shop action is always given priority.

Other FeaturesEdit

Gear EvolutionEdit

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Item SynthesisEdit

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Gear FusionEdit

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