The Auction House is a service provided by NPCs in which players can set prices prices for items, which other players can purchase. Auctioneer NPCs are marked with Icon-Auction NPC on the map.



The Auction House features numerous ways of sorting the goods available for buying. The left column contains eight different categories, each with several subcategories. The upper portion of the Auction House window has a level range selector, a search bar, and buttons discriminating wares by their quality.

When using the search bar, queries must contain proper capitalization (matching the item's name), at least 4 characters, and must contain no spaces.

After purchasing an item, the money will be taken out of one's gold balance, and the purchased item will be sent to the mailbox in the "System" tab.


In order to have items available to buy in the Auction House's listings, players must sell those items, via the Auction House's "Sell" tab. When selling an item, the default price that appears is the price that the item is worth to a merchant NPC. However, the listing price can be set by the player.

Listing an item in the Auction House incurs a listing fee, which is 5% of the item's listed price. The maximum listing fee is 10 Gold.

The listed item will stay on the Auction House for a maximum of 24 hours. If the item is not purchased within that time, it will be returned through mail in the "System" tab, but the listing fee will not be refunded. If another player purchases an item that one has listed, the money will be sent to the "System" tab of his/her mailbox for them to collect.


Name Location
Icon-Auction NPC Auctioneer Bass The Royal City of Arcadia (X: 465, Y: 309)
Icon-Auction NPC Auctioneer Balbina The Royal City of Arcadia (X: 475, Y: 301)
Icon-Auction NPC Merchant Ellsworth Terracottage (X: 189, Y: 108)
Icon-Auction NPC Auctioneer Aderyn Guild Palace (X: 225, Y: 572)