This inhospitable desert is permanently soaked in unrelenting, scorching sunlight, but that doesn't stop the merchants from gathering to flog their wares.

–Official Description

Arrakin Desert is a location in the Central Desert of the Meridian continent. It is suitable for levels 43 to 50.

Places of InterestEdit

Broiling BazaarEdit

The Broiling Bazaar is a town and is the primary settlement of Arrakin Desert. It is located in the central area of Arrakin Desert, near a water source.

Haven of OblivionEdit

Main article: Haven of Oblivion

Haven of Oblivion is an instanced area journeyed to near the end of the quest line in Arrakin Desert. It is accessible to players level 48 or greater.


Name Coordinates
Icon-Merchant NPC Grocer Malwina (X: 684, Y: 290)
Icon-Weapon NPC Weapon Merchant Gonquil (X: 701, Y: 380)
Icon-Armor NPC Armor Merchant Herbert (X: 672, Y: 326)
Icon-Bank NPC Bank Teller Abel (X: 686, Y: 381)
Icon-Furval NPC Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 666, Y: 239)
Icon-Bounty NPC Bounty Manager Cyril (X: 641, Y: 219)
Icon-Merchant NPC Traveling Merchant (X: 513, Y: 734)
Icon-Merchant NPC Adventurers' Alliance Rep. Ourias (X: 107, Y: 323)
Icon-Merchant NPC Bounty Agent Lucia (X: 611, Y: 317)
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